The Old Mill Tavern - Chester

Long time favorite The Old Mill Tavern shakes it up with their delish specials!

By West Morris Macaroni Kid May 3, 2018

Things change, but some things will ALWAYS be the same!  That's the sentiment The Old Mill Tavern, a Chester staple for as long as anyone can remember, hopes you feel when you are their guest!  The much-loved establishment changed ownership about a year and a half ago, and while the new owners have invested in making some cosmetic changes, and increasing the offerings on the menu, The Old Mill still remains a local favorite - where the bartenders know your name, the kids can play a few video games while parents take a breath, and the Chester Meat Market burgers are delicious!  

We've frequented the place quite a bit over the years, and it's always the first place the kids ask for if we give them a choice. They have a great kids menu and great desserts (try the apple fritters with soft serve vanilla!) You may have caught us there on a lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying one of the new changes - the Sunday Bloody Mary Bar - seriously, you have to check it out, and YES, that is BACON!  

They don't take reservations and there can be a wait on the weekends, so be prepared - but it will be worth it!  If you are traveling to the area for the day, just across the street is one of the trails leading into Hacklebarney State Park, you can enjoy a nice hike and then treat yourself to a nice meal - they always have a creative specials menu, and we've always been pleased with any selection off their menu.