A true vacation doesn't include laundry - before or after!

Give TNT Laundry Center a call and RELAX!

By West Morris Macaroni Kid March 17, 2019

Ah, vacation...a week of fun in the sun, no cooking, no laundry.  Except, crap - vacation is next week and I have soooo much laundry to do before we go, and there will be sooooo much laundry after we get back, ugh!!!!

This is not just us, right?  Vacation is awesome, except that it kinda creates a lot of before and after work that can be sort of a buzz kill.  Fear not vacation loving mamas, we have a solution for you!  

Give TNT Laundry a call!

TNT will pick up your laundry, sort, wash and fold it, then bring it back to you within 2 days (same day can be arranged if needed).  They will take care of it all, and if you happen to have a special preference for your laundry soap or softener you are welcome to send it with your laundry, as well as any special instructions for certain items.  

TNT charges $0.99 per pound, and for our family of 6 the cost for a weeks worth of laundry was $70 - well worth not having the extra chore as I was turning the house upside down trying to find the sunscreen and goggles, as well as summer clothing that might still fit my winter body (actually, this might rival the laundry for the worst part of vacation!).  Having the vacation laundry done when we return will also be well worth the money, especially since those items won’t even need to go back in the closets just yet, they can stay folded in bags until much warmer weather arrives here.  

TNT also does comforters, so we will ship those off as well, and hopefully when we return it will really feel like spring  and we’ll have fresh laundry and fresh bedding to welcome us home!  

TNT Laundry Center is located in Washington, NJ.  They offer free pickup and delivery service to Washington, Califon, Hackettstown, Mansfield, Long Valley and Chester.  For other areas a min. order may apply.  For service, give them a call at 908-223-1548.