Giveaway! Keratin Express hair treatment @ Entourage Salon! $100 value

Treat yourself this Mother's Day to frizz free hair for the Summer!

By Elisa Rispoli- Publisher Macaroni Kid West Morris May 9, 2019

Happy Mother's Day to all of our MacKid Mamas! 

Yep- that pic is me getting my Keratin treatment at Entourage Salon this past's a little long and tedious to sit through for someone like me, who has the attention span of a ferret.... but the end result is SO worth it! Frizz free, smooth hair that only take me about 10 minutes to dry! I had a Keratin Express treatment done last year in June and the results lasted me the entire summer. 

A few tips for getting a Keratin treatment:

  • Get it done when you don't particularly care about how your hair will look for the next 3 days. You can't wash your hair, put it up, or put any clips in it for 3 days after the treatment and right afterward it is SUPER pin straight and a little flat. 
  • Use a Keratin safe shampoo after your treatment! Sulfates and sodium chloride are in almost all shampoos and they will totally strip your Keratin! Purchase Keratin Complex shampoo at Entourage to keep your Keratin fresh and lasting for as long as possible! 
  • Keratin Express will last around 6-8 weeks and the full Keratin treatment will last for 5 months. 
  • Fair warning- You will get addicted to your hair feeling so awesome, and you'll want to get this again and again! Don't say I didn't warn ya! 


One lucky Macaroni Kid subscriber will win a Keratin Express treatment at Entourage Salon (a $100+ value!). 

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