COVID-19 Didn’t Take the Magic out of Walt Disney World or Universal

By Barb Hardy July 23, 2020

Were you envisioning your family on a magical vacation to Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando in 2020?  Then, unbeknownst to you the world was introduced to an unprecedented anomaly called COVID-19 and it brought your hopes of an incredible vacation to a screeching halt!  Don’t put those heartwarming dreams of your family vacation to rest without considering consulting an expert.  

I know, experts sound expensive.  But what would you say if I told you my expertise is FREE?  I’m a Disney and Universal travel specialist.  And I’m the expert of traveling during these unparalleled times.  Knowing the difference between what’s required and suggested, the ins and outs of travel, and the rules and restrictions will ensure your travel is a smooth experience for everyone.  I will sift through the rumors and assumptions and give you only the facts pertaining to your trip.

How is it possible that this service is free?  The cost of a park ticket, package, or room, is the same no matter who you purchase it from.  So whether you do all the cumbersome research and purchase it directly from the company or you leave all that work up to me you pay the same.  From there, the amount you pay is divided between the company you’re vacationing with and me.  Let me do the work so you can deal with everything else 2020 throws at you.   And actually, right now I can save you a little money, I have a gift card promotion going on for travel through December 2021.

The good news is that things are starting to settle at Disney and Universal.  There are some new norms so I created the chart below with some of the most frequently asked questions with answers from both Disney and Universal.  

There are so many little nuances that I could go on with this article forever.  Please contact me for a FREE no-obligation quote.  Visit me at the following links or You can also email me at  I will work for you and will be available when you need me, I don’t just work 9-5 hours. And I love planning vacations!