Travel looks different these days - how to prep for your next getaway

Travel advisors at Skyland World Travel are standing by ready to help!

By West Morris Macaroni Kid August 6, 2020

When life as we knew it came to an almost complete standstil back in March, many of us lost the opportunity to take those spring break trips we had been looking forward to.  Now, as we approach the end of summer, countless vacations have been lost and we are left asking ourselves, will we EVER be able to travel again?  

A week at the shore or up the east coast aside, for a true getaway, many of us moms are longing for the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, or perhaps a romantic trip to the Greek Isles, yet planning for a trip like that, with so much uncertaintly, seems daunting at best. 

Why use a travel advisor? We love this recent FB post from our friends at Skyland World Travel

 - When's the last time you attempted to plan something with your extended family? Did it feel like herding cats? If a group trip with your family feels like an impossible task, reach out to your travel advisor. Not only will they help you find a location that will please crotchety Aunt Mary and the newest grandbaby alike, but they will also coordinate everyone's travel. Leave the work of planning to the experts; all you need to worry about is how to capture those sweet new memories and avoid that same argument you always seem to get in with Uncle Bill. -

We're more interested in a personal vacation right now, but the above is a good reminder that a travel advisor can handle ANY trip planning you might have in mind.  For us, it's trying to appeal to adults, as well as 4 kids of different ages.  Trying to plan a trip on our own pre-COVID was difficult, but now more than ever, we are thrilled we have Gina from Skyland overseeing our bookings!  She knows exactly what the restrictions are, which places are not accepting international travelers, and she knows how to navigate travel insurance.  She is also able to give us so much more in-depth knowledge of the resorts we are considering, because if she hasn't been there personally, it is highly likely one of her fellow Skyland advisors has - there is nothing like personal experience to help you get a feel for where you are going!  

So, all in all, here is our advice for you:  If you are thinking of booking a trip, whether is it in 3 months or a year, the best prep you can do is to pick up the phone right now and get yourself a travel advisor!  We use and love Skyland World Travel, they are experts at all things family travel, even Disney!